Call for tenders for the provision dissemination activities in Belgium (French speaking community) and France

Call for tenders for the provision dissemination activities in Belgium (French speaking community) and France

This call is issued by ENSP, which intends to commission a contract for the provision of supporting services relevant to the dissemination activities in Belgium (French speaking community) and France in the frame of the EU funded project with the title “Tobacco Cessation Guidelines for High Risk Groups” / “TOB-G”  ( )


1. Summary of the project and description of the objective of the tender

The TOB-G project is a 30-month project, funded by the 3rd EU health program, aiming to develop and implement an innovative and cost effective approach to prevent chronic diseases related to tobacco dependence. The specialized guidelines for high risks groups will be developed according to ENSP’s evidence based and good practices in tobacco cessation. High risk populations are considered those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, COPD, type 2 diabetes, adolescents & pregnant women. 5 partners implement the project in 4 EU countries.

The project fits perfectly the objectives and priorities of the 3rd Health Programme, as it will assist health professionals to provide guidance and targeted prevention to high-risk populations engaged to the unfavourable lifestyle of smoking. Training primary care physicians addresses the lack of specialist doctors in EU and increases access to tobacco cessation specialists. TOB-G project will enhance the overall European capacity in the treatment of tobacco dependence, thus, in the prevention of chronic diseases, through offering smoking cessation tools, appropriately assessed and fitted to the specific needs of high risk groups.

The developed guidelines will contain strategies and quit smoking recommendations designed to assist health professionals in delivering and supporting effective treatment of dependence on tobacco. Recommendations will be made as a result of scientific reviews and evidence of good practices from scientific groups that will consist of health professionals of different expertise.

To monitor the quality of the approach a pilot implementation of the tobacco cessation will be conducting for each group. Since the tobacco cessation guidelines will be addressed to health professionals, the partnership will develop and implement an e-learning training for guidelines use.

2. Description of tasks

The subcontractor is expected to support the dissemination activities in Belgium (French speaking community) and France. Specifically, the subcontractor is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Support the TOB-G project team in the development and assessment of the set of guidelines for five high risk groups, providing expertise and knowledge on the field.
  • Translations of TOB-G guidelines in French language (approx. 250 pages )
  • Selection of a group of minimum 100 health professionals involved in smoking cessation activities in Belgium and France
  • Organisation of a specialised meeting for TOB-G project in Brussels (Meeting room: 1 day ) Coffee breaks and lunch breaks: for100 participants ;Printed informative material: 100 participants
  • Participation in 2 other meetings, dissemination in French speaking Belgium and France via healthcare professionals networks such as cardiologists, “tobaccologists”, pneumologist, etc. (2 meetings )

Moreover, the subcontractor is obliged to participate in internal meetings with ENSP members and might be also asked to take part in meetings with the participation of the Project Coordinator or the TOB-G project experts, if required.


3. Expertise and skills required for the service provider

Expertise required:

  • Expert knowledge on the fields of tobacco control and smoking cessation
  • Expert knowledge on the fields of addictions, health strategies and health policies at a European context.

Skills required:

  • Ability to work within specified deadlines and to respect budgetary limits.
  • Event organisation experience


4. Contract duration

The contract’s duration shall be from 15 March 2017 to 01 November 2017.


5. Payment

The total maximum budget available for the fees of the subcontractor is 18.000 euro with all taxes, included in the aforementioned amount. The subcontractor will be remunerated in various instalments (advance and final payment). It should be noted that the subcontractor’s remuneration include the travel and subsistence costs incurred for attending project meetings.


6. Selection criteria for the participation in the Tender

The competent candidate should have significant experience in the following domains:

  • Networking and connection with health professionals. In Belgium and France
  • Identification, access and engagement of health professionals in tobacco cessation


The above criteria can be proven by the candidates’ profiles and/or cvs’ of key staff (2 experts) involved in his/her offer.

Moreover, the price should not exceed the amount stated above.


7. Form, structure and content of the tender

Tenders must be written in English. The tenderer or his duly authorised representative must sign so that there can be no doubt as to words and figures. Tenders must be clear and concise and assembled in a coherent fashion. Since tenderers will be judged on the content of their written bids, they must make it clear that they are able to meet the requirements of the specifications.

All tenders must include the following information:

  • Description of professional experience;
  • Detailed curriculum vitae of key coordinator and/or possible other team members;
  • Financial proposal with prices quoted in euros;

Prices must be fixed amounts and shall not include travel expenses and daily allowances for research activities and meeting attendance.


8. Award Criteria

The contract will be awarded to the tenderer that has a combination of experience, best team capacity and the lowest price, taking into account the specific objectives, requirements and selection criteria of the tender. The principles of transparency and equal treatment will be respected with a view to avoiding any conflicts of interest.


9. Submission of tenders

This call for tenders will be published on the TOB-G Project website. Offers must be sent to ENSP:

a) either by post, to be posted no later than 27.02.2017 to the following postal address:



144, Chaussee d’Ixelles

Bruxelles 1050


 (Call for tenders for subcontracting an external evaluator for the TOB-G EU funded project

For the Attention of the ENSP General-Secretary, Cornel Radu Loghin)


The envelope containing the tender must bear the caption


Call for Tenders

(Name and Address of Tenderer)


b) Or by email, by 27.02.2017 12.00 hrs at the latest, at the following email address:

By submitting a tender, tenderers shall accept the terms and conditions of this call for tender.

Belgian Law shall apply to the Contract resulting from this invitation to tender.



Cornel Radu Loghin

ENSP Secretary  General





The Content of this Call for Tenders, represents the views of the author only and is his / her sole responsibility; it cannot be considered to reflect the views of the European Commission and / or the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency or any other body of the European Union. The European Commission and the Agency do not accept any responsibility for use that may made of the information it contains.

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